Why you should Alwys Warm-up

……Things had been going so well. Knocked a cheeky 20 seconds off the MK parkrun this weekend! Result! Only 3 weeks back but ticking along lovely….

…. then this weekend I hit up the gym with my mate Rose for an abs session. He decides it would be good incorporate the rower as active recover between sets, a great ideal! But then during the 4th set of mountain climbers I hear a slight pop in the Hamstring and feel instant pain in the back of the leg. Hobbling home, I set the ice and the Ibuprofen on my injured leg. I don’t know how long I will be out but after the first couple of hours I was fearing for the worst.

Looking back it was the lack of warm up has done me over here. I went to the gym and stretched my upper body, went on the X-trainer to get the blood flowing and was ready to lift. It was the change of plan to hit the rower and do mountain climbers which made me forget to stretch my legs. Having smashed a 17:42 5k at MK yesterday, my hamstrings were not ready for the explosive moves of the rower and mountain climbers. The result a quiet pop and pain in the left hamstring,

Luckily that was yesterday, today it’s still very swore and ginger to walk on, but after speaking to a couple of reliable sources and reading countless articles online I think this is a grade 1 or even a 0.5 if possible. Will rest up for 5 days and then see if I can stretch or do something light to stop scar tissue.

This is really really really annoying!!!!!!!! The false starts of 2018 continues! (insert sad smiley).

Anyone who reads this who has done something similar or has any advise please let me know below! Any advise would be greatly appreciated.





Witney parkrun & Athletics Club

It’s way overdue this blog post and I writing with a certain feel of optimism and passion again for running which is refreshing as my fingers dash away at the HP laptop keyboard. Writing this is like meeting an old friend, I was thinking about it at work, wondering what style to go for and what to wear. I was thinking at work how I would get home, clear up and then get to down to business on the latest post.

But then it hit me….. I have nothing to write about. No Jan- April training plan, no unbelievable goals hit and don’t even get me started on the “1 session a week abs goal” I set in January. A notion and commitment that feels lost in the past, maybe out of the 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts I had on that day in January that one should have been put to the back of the brain, along with doing more cycling (mile cheating) and putting more in the savings.

6 further weeks out due to health also has scampered this half of the year, but lets not dwell on the past but look to the future. I have had 3 steady weeks returning to training and 2 good parkruns.

Most enjoyably, last weekend I met up with an old friend / foe Sam and my old housemate Jen. It was great to see them and especially awesome to be racing Sam again.


Sam actually didn’t run at his quickest and I think if I would have stuck with him early on there could have been a real battle on. However I am relatively pleased with this result and its a good platform to build on for the rest of the year.

The most pleasing aspect of running over the past month or so is that Mica has started to come out with me once or twice (tops) a week. We have been trialling a little bit of “Run Walk Chat.” In a similar style to “Couch 2 5k” and it has started well and been a whole lot of fun.

Finally, I did the whole backstabbing thing and went training with MK Athletics Club on Tuesday night, which once uploaded on Strava took less than 42 seconds to commented on by a MK Lakeside Runner! To be honest there is no reason to move apart from the obvious, these guys are fast, really fast, in comparison to anything that I am use to. The 5 that were there this week are running 5K’s in 15, 16 and 17 minutes. During the training session of 6 x 3 minutes up hill, by the last 40 seconds they were gone, out of sight, all of them. My PB is 17:26, and I have a lot of work to do over the next 1-2 months to regain that form. However, I truly believe that by become involved with MKAC this will take me to the next level. On a further note, the chap that ran the session, James, is exceptionally qualified and knowledgeable in the field of running, (he dropped his PhD) combine that with how approachable and welcoming he and the team were, this is a really good set up to be involved in. It did take me a little while culturally to adapt to the quiet, seriousness of the group but the session was on point and I look forward to training with them again.

Can’t wait to get stuck into summer training, its light in the morning, the sun is…. out more often…. and I have miles to make up.


P.S – 2 weeks of healthy eating – shock to the system! #cbcbc


Ok – Now 2018 begins

So I haven’t written a blog in a long while and this is purely down to frustration. Since my last post, I have false started numerous times trying to fix the calf (or thinking it was fixed) when quite frankly it wasn’t. Weeks of ice, rest, rolling and cycling and we are back in action.

Now when your competition has smashed through around 400 miles already this year and you have only managed 15 a week for 4 weeks, you somewhat feel that your performance is going to sail away. And the progressive 2017 runs will turn into leggy, heavy slogs falling minutes short of the standard set the previous term.

However, having now completed one event (MK Winter Half) I found my performance strong. Don’t get me wrong the DOMS for 4 days after were horrendous because I wasn’t use to the strain and slog of a real race, but the pace wasn’t all lost. I don’t know if I just felt light on the day or reckless but I tackled the MK Winter Half with the game plan of 6:00 min miles and hold for life.

I didn’t really end up holding my pace but I wasn’t far off, despite being overtaken by 4 runners in the last mile to finish 10th…. annoying!

Afterward, I felt worse than I have in previous marathons but it shows, you don’t lose speed and gains quickly, and possibly my Spring and Early summer targets can be met.

Don’t get me wrong the next 2 months I need serious miles, fast miles, interval, hilly and Xcountry miles to hit my marathon running target (Under 3 Hours) but with the right recovery, rest and food I can do it.

Really proud to clock in a PB at the MK Winter Half with 0 expectations 1:19:14 and a good first race of the year. A few other MK Halfs and then the Worcester Marathon to come!

Here are a few snaps and stats from MK Winter Half!RESULTS.png


Planning races around my life (or the other way round)

Finally tomorrow I will go on my first proper training run of 2018. The legs all feel recovered and after a swim, a bike, a few gym outings and endless ices, baths and foam rolling sessions. I believe I am ready to get running (arguably the most important part of marathon training).

Though, in fairness its only been 16 days but when everyone is on the January, whoop, running fitness hype, the result is my Strava is as depressing as Facebook was as a hormonal, single teenager. Everyone posts how great they are doing in their programs they picked up off google, and they’re running 20 miles everyday with their new running clubs and boxing day bargains from Mike Ashley’s Sweatshop. Sighhh (that should be me man)!

At the moment due to the injuries to the right calf and quad and I am considering pulling out of the Watford Half on the 4th Feb.

However apart of me wants to use it as a training run by sticking to a fastish pace. Ready to PB at the MK Winter Half (which has been rescheduled due the snow before Christmas). I also have been offered a lift, which makes it more tempting because the guys will probably finish before me, which means there will be no waiting around.

The only problem is, people that turn up at a race not to race annoy me, and I know for-well when I get there I’ll try my hardest! Which wont translate to a good time and maybe is a little dangerous. Though, in all seriousness, I think I will probably just listen to the body and see how it responds to tomorrow and then the training camp with Sam on the 27th!

Two things I wanted to discuss on here are my standard weekly training plan, (hoping people may comment with suggestions!) and my race schedule so far!


  • Watford Half 04/02/2018
  • MK Winter Half (Rescheduled) 18/02/2017
  • MKRUN Half 11/03/2018
  • London Marathon 22/04/2018
  • Milton Keynes Half 07/05/2018
  • Worcester Marathon 20/05/2018
  • Bournemouth Marathon 07/10/2018

Typical Week (MKLR = Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners Club)

  • Monday AM – Slow Run
  • Tuesday AM – Swim/ Core
  • Tuesday PM – Speed Work MKLR
  • Thursday PM – Long Run MKLR
  • Friday AM – Swim/ Bike/ Gym
  • Weekend- Long Run (increase long run by 1 or 2 miles each week)

*** Everything is subject to change everyday ***

It would be good to gain some feedback from this plan, of course over the next couple of weeks it will be an ease back into it rather than too much, too soon (again!) Finally I guess this is normally that part where I say it will be good to see all my work pay off in the races, but for now I guess we should probably do some hard work.

Matt Tizzard


Too much too soon? 

So after the mid December, Xmas party season break my training hadn’t been too bad over the festive period. 

Being away at the other halfs parents ment lovely, morning runs around Worcestershire was on order. 

However towards the end of the 2 week’s off (lucky eh) I felt a strange dull sensation in my right calf. I figured a rest was in order but it wouldn’t go away.

Last Wednesday morning on a routine run around  the BBrickhills the wheels or calf in this example fell off. Pain right in the centre of the lower calf.

Now I know I haven’t torn or done anything serious so another week off and I will probably be ready to walk / jog or cycle. However I didn’t go down the physio route because the evening ritual of roll, ice bath, ice, eat and sleep appears to be working.

The lesson has been learnt. Slowly reintroduce milage don’t thwack it on and expect the body to handle it! (See below) 

Hopefully this time next week I will have eased back into it and will have some better news!


2018… Bring it on

Well here we are, 6 days into 2018. Many runners turn their attention to the London Marathon, downloading there training guides, knowing for-well religiously sticking to them is impossible. Others are booking 10k’s, 1/2 marathons and fun run events, in a bid-to ensure motivation surpasses the “new year, new me” January affect.

The diary for me is full but unfortunately I am coming back from a calf injury, obtained through upping the training over Christmas. A case of too much too soon and an overuse injury on the right lower calf! Annoying! However, can’t wait to get back into it and the year starts officially next weekend.

Being a sales person, I read a lot about motivation, sales targets and career goals. I like to get my “reading” time in on audible during my 45 minute commute to

and back from the office. An author I listen to consistently is a chap called Grant Cardone. He’s the epitome of the all american, from all america type. Can-do, will-do attitude and a bit of a showman to be honest. However he does give you some great career advise and motivational spiel, including a very positive piece on goal setting. The basis being to document, write and re-write your goals.

So in 2018 I will set some running goals, write them down and re-visit monthly. This has been hard to think off because well, I cant think of any outside of “run under 3 hours in London.” However, I know the importance of having other micro-goals, that add up to major goals set. It will also be fun to write down what I want to achieve in running this year and see if that changes or if motivations increase or decrease.

So here is a list of some SMART targets for 2018

  • 2018 London Marathon – Sub 03:00:00 Hours
  • 2018 Bournemouth Marathon – Sub 02:45:00
  • Diet – 5 Days clean a week until London Marathon
  • 5k – Under 17 Minutes
  • Half Marathon – Record under 01:18:00
  • Prioritise prevention of injuries – roll, massage, stretch, eat
  • Run 1500 miles total in 2018
  • Include core strength and stability work, once per week

Some big goals in there and some achievable ones!

A week of rehab and then the work begins! Bring on 2018!




List of 2017 Results – 1st Full Year Running Complete!

First full year running…. Tick √

What a sporting year it has been! Big up to my tolerant girlfriend!

Below I have listed my 2017 results and stats pulled from Strava. It’s been amazing fully engrossing myself in the running world and its been great meeting so may fellow runners!

5K Events Date Pace Time Position
Decathlon – 5K Series 20/05/2017 5:45/mi 00:17:50 02/50
Rushmere parkrun 29/07/2017 6:19/mi 00:19:28 02/104
Oxford parkrun 05/08/2017 5:54/mi 00:18:10 06/300
Willen parkrun 12/08/2017 5:52/mi 00:18:03 02/484
Enigma Need 4 Speed 5K 21/08/2017 5:54/mi 00:17:36 01/30
Worcester parkrun 09/09/2017 6:01/mi 17:55:00 12/5000
Supersonic B’Mouth 5k 07/10/2017 5:38/mi 00:17:26 06/55
Tring parkrun 28/10/2017 5:56/mi 00:18:23 01/300
1/2 Marathon Events Date Pace Time Position
MK Half Marathon 01/05/2017 6:46/mi 01:28:51 43/3008
2017 Dirt Half 18/11/2017 6:13/ Mi 01:20:58 7/805
Other Events Elevation Distance Pace Time Position
2017 Great South Run 239Ft 10 Miles 5:52/mi 10:54:00 59/20,000
2017 Croome Capablity Canter 321ft 6.5 Miles 6:03/mi 00:39:41 3/400
Marathons Elevation Pace Time Position
London Marathon 600ft 8:32/mi 03:46:53 9809 / 40000
Enigma #trains Marathon 706ft 7:55/mi 03:26:37 07/45
Bournemouth Marathon 1600ft 7:21/mi 03:13:33 55/2053

I wont write too much on this post as there is a lot of stats and results but role on 2018, where hopefully we can have as many memorable days and continue to meet more fellow runners!

Thank you to everyone who has marshaled, plan, ran and helped with the events and Happy New Year all!





Upton Takes Gold – 2017 Croome Capability Canter

400ish people arrived at the Croome Capabilty Canter and I knew there was only one man to beat.


So let me explain how my freezing cold morning in Worcester ended with my good mate Sam lifting an 8 litre bottle of HP Sauce.

Runners World Magazine place the Croome Capability Canter in the Top 10 off road races and I can see why as it’s a beautiful setting in Worcestershire. You run through a country park, a bit in the woods and over a few bridges and jumps. Its a trail runners dream. Untill the last 0.5km which is a straight up hill drive, which was not welcomed after my poor pacing throughout.

The problems really arise on the back of the Subway/ Kebab lunch, dinner combo but I won’t moan about my diet anymore.

I knew Sam was the man to beat so I stuck with him for the first 1k. Battling with a few fellas behind him, within 2 mins I knew the pace was too much and I resorted to trying to keep him in sight. Half way through I was eventually overtaken (by a vegan runner) who clearly smelt my struggle with pace and before I knew it Sam was long gone and I was battling for 3rd which was the cut off for prizes! 

Just before the last climb a fella from Worcester Athletic Club caught me up. I honestly did not think I had anything left to go with him, but, as we hit the hill, fortunately all my hill-work in MK paid off and I drove out of range to cross the line in 3rd and in a time of 00.39.41. Definitely my limit was pushed and crossing line I felt awful.

Looking back now I thoroughly enjoyed Croome Capability Canter. It’s a beautiful park, a difficult 10.5k and very well run by the team. (Pictures at the end of post)

Congrats to Sam. It was fantastic to see you lift the famous 8litre brown sauce and have your name read out! Bring on 2018 where hopefully I can finally defeat you!



Mud, Sweat and Tears (and cbcbc)

Since the Great South its fair to say the diet and training has been a little… well… sloppy.

Keeping a clean diet free from crisps, biscuits, chocolate, booze and cake (cbcbc)  throughout October meant I became quite skinny (59.5 kg) and consequently quite quick due to a number HiiT workout’s. (Using the Nike app – couldn’t recommend any higher).

However the last 3 weeks has been lapse with plenty of cbcbc and I went into the Dirt Half Challenge a little worried that I had undone all the hard work. It was safe to say I prepared for the Dirt Half with a dirty diet!

The Dirt Half is a cross country half marathon at Leighton Buzzard, tackling 6 miles of a flat canal followed by 3 miles of 600ft worth of climb towards Great Brickhill and back down through Stockgrove park and Rushmere, finishing back along the canal. To make things even more tricky the day was very wet, cold and muddy. At times it was difficult to keep your feet and slipping and tripping became the norm. I don’t think the course could have been any harder, well…. there were also a number of gates you needed to open (and close) as you went through fields and the woods.

This was a great baptism into my first ever cross country race and despite there being 800+ runners I only saw about 5 throughout the race. I sat in 8th for the first 8 miles and finished 7th after sneaking passed 1 of the leading pack towards the end and nearly catching 6th.

I am really pleased with this result though I don’t feel I deserve it after the last 2/3 weeks of training and drinking but hay ho, a good result…. and plenty to take away…. I even left thinking “in a year or so I can win this event”.

1:17 won and I came in with a 1:21:06 – which should be a little less because I took a wrong turning at the cross roads at Plantation road and had to run back after the Marshall shouted at me to turn around! (-20 seconds!)


So technically this is a 7 minute PB but I know I could have done a lot better if I had looked after myself in the lead up. I ran 6:13 miles with mile 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 all being around 6:30 miles. There was a natural tail off in pace which is a direct result of poor diet and training….


…. and most importantly, cross country is ALOT of fun! I read alot of blogs about trail vs road, blah, blah, blah. For me this was brilliant fun, tougher and mentally you had to keep switched on. I’m defo coming back for more!

The last main one this year is the MK Winter Half and I am pushing 1:18:00 going just under 6 minute miles. Its a road race, flat enough and fast. However I need to get out of this chocolate and beer rut!

Plenty of that to do over Christmas, for now 1 last month of work!



Most Challenging Parkrun?

When my sister Elena and I decided to venture into “parkrun tourism” we felt it would be best not to stray too far for starters. It was a toss up between Luton, Aylesbury and Tring…. so we headed to Tring for their Halloween special.

Tring is set in a large, undulating park and its a beautiful setting for runners with it’s open green fields, trees and forests (which was useful as toilet desperation set-in at 8:45 and there was no where to go).

However the beauty of the setting, the route and the run is met with trial, challenge and confrontation of hills, cross country terrain and hills.

The first mile is straight up hill, you can see it from the start. You head about 200 meters into the edge of a bowl and then a large, clear ascend faces you. As everybody hacked it off from the start line, I could hear heavy breathing around me within 400 meters. However, this isn’t the end, as you reach the summit the route takes you into the forests and you climb again, zig zagging through the woods to the very top of the park’s altitude and as I reached the top I checked the watch… “1 mile”.

From there that is when you discover the beauty of Tring’s parkrun, at the top of the hill you turn left and face a long, downhill sweep along the edge of the park, through the woods and back down towards the fields. It was at this stage I found myself in a battle for 1st with a young chap, dressed up in Aylesbury attire and pulling away from me down the hill.

When you reach the end of the woods, the route is basically a left turn into a bowl and then Trings final trick.

Tring 2Tring 1

The last 0.5k I have recently discovered has been named on Strava as “heart attack hill”. I think that explains how this parkrun finishes, with one last climb to the end. Fortunately, I was able to drive up the hill very well and pulled away from Aylesbury chap and storm to my first every parkrun win! 18:23 After plenty of 2nd places in parkrun over 2017, this was a great little achievement! I know, I know,  parkrun is a run not a race but I think with Tring you are racing the elements, the hills and the course. I would highly recommend this parkrun, everyone is very welcoming, the course is clearly laid and it’s a picturesque setting… however, be prepared for a running battle!



P.S  To give context, London Marathon is 600 feet of climb, this 5k is 300 feet! It was a good job Elena and I have done some hill work this summer!

Hill Pic